This One’s For the Sensitive Girl

I was in elementary school the first time a loved one scolded, “You don’t have to cry about everything.”
And from that day forward, I began my quest to master the art of hardening.

Hardening my heart against words that could cut, and expressions that could impale.
Praying drought over my tear ducts and practicing the excuse, “wow, I just really need to sneeze.”

In fact, my best friend has only seen me cry three times in fifteen years of friendship–
But my steering wheel has held my hand while I cried at least fifteen times in the past three months.


So this one’s for the Sensitive Girl–you know who you are–
The one who exhausts herself keeping up the facade that she isn’t tenderhearted.
This one’s for the Girl who still believes in happy endings,
even when this world seems too evil to allow it.


This one’s for the Girl who fights to balance suitcase upon suitcase of worry and woe,
Simply because she doesn’t know how to put down the weight of the world.
This one is for you, Dear Girl, when you feel isolated in your battle.
This one is to remind you that you do not face these giants alone.


This one is for the Girl who clings to music and poetry,
Because she can’t describe the joy that comes from realizing someone else feels it too–
That someone else has finally made visible the emotions she has chased around her mind,
the ones that have always remained just a few inches beyond her grasp.


And, Sweet Girl, it is okay. Actually, it is more than okay to be sensitive.
Because feeling deeply is not a curse, even if it may feel so at times.
You have the gift of a compassionate heart, and even though it is a pity not everyone can understand this,
Don’t you ever let someone make you feel inferior for wearing all the new off of your gift.


Because most people won’t understand. At all.
Most people will say things that hurt your heart, even if they don’t mean to.
Most people will assume that you can take it–you’re a master at hardening, after all–
and these people will get annoyed if emotions leak through the cracks in your armor.


Because these people just don’t understand that it usually isn’t the topic at hand at all,
but rather, a culmination of topics that has been building for some time.
They don’t see that the topic at hand was just the thing strong enough to loosen the cap
and now all you’ve worked so hard to bottle up is fizzing out your eyes.
















But, Sweet Girl, sensitivity should not be looked down upon, as society as suggested.

No, sensitivity is a superpower, all on its own.
To be sensitive is to have a heart wide enough to see and to carry the burdens of others,
it is to be empathetic and understanding and intuitive.


To be the Sensitive One is to be strong–not weak like so many think.
Striking “sensitivity” from your list of personality traits strikes your very being from existence.
And convincing yourself that you should not be so sensitive
is the equivalent of convincing a sky that her summer dress is too blue.


Who you have been created to be should be embraced, not buried beneath layers of aloofness,
and you should never feel ashamed of the way you were made–
Because the Creator of the Universe does not make mistakes,
and  your sensitivity should never be mistaken as a trait made up all on your own.


So this one’s for the Sensitive Girl, the one who knows Whose she is, even when she isn’t sure who she is.
This one is for you, on the days you most feel as if you are drowning in emotions,
Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less than the warrior you were destined to be.
Get comfortable in your cracked and dented armor and keep fighting for others.


So love fast and hard. Feel to the fullest every emotion that settles into the deepest canyons in your heart.
Freely burn your last candle for others, even if they leave you alone in the dark.

Stop trying to convince people that you can’t be hurt when you really hurt easier than most.
Be both fierce and tender, all in the same breath.

Be hot and cold, up and down, sensitive and strong.
Be anything and everything you were ever created to be–

Because this one is for you.



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