This Is My Goodbye

Friends, I graduate college today!!!!

I know, I know. I’m two terms deep into graduate school and I received my diploma in the mail 5 months ago.

But still.

Endings always make me nostalgic as I take the time to reminisce the end of this chapter in my life. In some ways, it’s been a long ride, and in others, the past four years passed in the blink of an eye.

Since I finished classes and received my diploma back in December, I don’t quite share the excitement of my peers over graduation–I guess a part of me doesn’t feel the magic because I’ve been a “real” adult in the “real” world for five months, and the newness and hopeful anticipation has diminished as I settle into a life that *still* isn’t figured out (what?

(what?? you mean a degree doesn’t give your life automatic direction and clarity? Yes, dear, that’s exactly what I’m telling you 😉 )

I wrote the lyrics to the following song my senior year of high school. In turn, my best friend’s twin brother, Sam, put it to music, and a small group of us sang it at our commencement. A few months later, another classmate helped Sam record what you’re about to listen to.

No matter what season of life you currently find yourself in, I hope you can find a connection to this song and the heart behind it.

Because no matter how many goodbye’s you say in your lifetime, each one holds the power to encourage far past the final echo of your words.

This is my goodbye.



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