The Ordinary Project | MADISON MILLIKAN |

The Ordinary Project understands that regular people are the ones truly leaving their mark on this crazy world–marks of courage and hope, selflessness and sacrifice, love and faith. — And, while we will never be able to acknowledge every single unsung[…]

I Believe in Women (but I’m not a feminist)

  I’m feeling a bit torn on this International Women’s Day. — So please forgive me if my thoughts are all mumble-jumbled…I’m trying to get them all out before I lose them!) — As someone who has never really known[…]

The Ordinary Project |JULIE SHRADER (rejuvenating women)|

FRIENDS– I am *so* excited to invite you on this journey with me. — I believe that we often get caught up believing that we have to be rich or powerful or a flat-out superhero to make a difference in[…]

Just Be.

It was the perfect cold, clear Saturday to meet one of my best friends at a hipster little coffeehouse for some strong brew and rich conversation. — Jill and I have been friends since we were in first grade–we can talk (or[…]

Heart Holes

Do you ever just randomly “meet” someone on social media and instantly fall in love? — Yeah, me too. — To be perfectly honest, I don’t even remember stumbling across Hannah Brencher on Instagram–but at the time I was fairly certain[…]

When God Doesn’t Work Like Instant Mac-and-Cheese

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a very impatient person–so instant stuff is awesome to me. — Instant results. Instant hot chocolate. Instant Messaging Instant coffee. Instant oatmeal. Instant answers on Google. Instant Mac-N-Cheese (I lived off[…]

4 Tips For Loving Your Life When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing With It

I’m a chronically indecisive person–just ask my fiancé. — Because he’s a nice guy, he always asks my opinion on where we should eat if we go out…and even when he narrows it down to three or four options for[…]

New Year, New You — how to beat the new year’s cliche

Happy 2017!! I know I’m a few days late in wishing you that, but let’s  be honest, January 1st is not a *magic* day just because the date rolls over when the clock strikes midnight. — No, friends, I believe that[…]

Things You Can’t Understand If You Didn’t Grow Up in a Small Town

One of the most beautiful things about God is that he doesn’t avoid doing things just because there’s an easier way. He could turn the sun on like a light bulb every morning with the flip of a switch, but[…]

Mary, Did You Forget?

Lately I’ve been listening to an audio version of the Bible in the mornings when I drive. I love the convenience of it, and it makes the drive go by much faster. I just finished up the last few chapters[…]