When Thy Will Isn’t My Will

There’s a song that proclaims, “Savior, he can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save, he is mighty to save…” I’ve always loved this song, but honestly, I’ve been doubting God’s power lately. As I reflected back on[…]


If you’ve never checked out Lauren Daigle, you need to–right now. This woman tells it how it is–crying out to God from the raw honesty of her heart. One song in particular, “First,” has spit arrows into my heart since the[…]

Marriage Isn’t Hard.

Today marks two months of marriage. And, as any married person knows, anytime I bump into or text someone I haven’t seen in a while, I get asked “The Question.” How’s married life? I always answer the same –– “Great!! :)”[…]

Beauty Hack: How I Got My Hair to Grow Again

This post contains affiliate links.  I’m going to keep this short and sweet: if your hair isn’t growing or is thin and brittle, you need these two products in your life! After a horrible, 13-year-bang phase (thanks, mom), I grew my hair[…]

The Prayer of an Unrighteous Girl

I love to talk. And, having spent ten months in a Master’s Degree program that is suppose to teach me to listen more than I talk, I’m starting to realize how much talking I actually do, despite being an introvert.[…]

feelingless faith

Feelingless Faith

What has God been teaching you lately? This question became one of my most dreaded conversation starters while attending a Christian University. Not because it’s a bad question–in fact, it was usually asked in a well-meaning way to prompt faith-based[…]


Almost, adverb. “Not quite; very nearly.” — How many things do we “almost” do? I almost woke up early today. I almost got 8 hours of sleep. I almost forgot my friend’s birthday. Almost got the job. Almost ate healthy. Almost[…]

Float Like A Butterfly / Sting Like A Bee

*Okay, I lied. This post isn’t about butterflies…* As a little girl, I was afraid of a lot of things: — heights. — spiders. — snakes. — the dark. — losing my parents. You know, standard kid fears. — But[…]

This Little Light of Mine (With a Grain of Salt)

“Saltiness and brightness are not qualities the salt and light determine about themselves. They are qualities determined by their maker.” — A few years ago, I decided to give  She Reads Truth a try. It’s an online community of women digging[…]


If you’re a smartphone user and you don’t have the Timehop app, I highly recommend you download it. It’s fun (and sometimes embarrassing) to open the app and see what I was doing on this day in history (or at[…]