This Little Light of Mine (With a Grain of Salt)

“Saltiness and brightness are not qualities the salt and light determine about themselves. They are qualities determined by their maker.” — A few years ago, I decided to give  She Reads Truth a try. It’s an online community of women digging[…]


If you’re a smartphone user and you don’t have the Timehop app, I highly recommend you download it. It’s fun (and sometimes embarrassing) to open the app and see what I was doing on this day in history (or at[…]

The Ordinary Project | TOM RAKOW |

– Today’s Ordinary Project is a little different than past posts. You see, today I want to honor my dad (it is  Father’s Day, after all!) But because my dad is such a busy man, I didn’t want to take up[…]

Unanswered Calls

“Lord, make me content,” had literally just whirled through my mind as I was making the hour drive to my home church one morning when the dreaded ( ! ) sign appeared on my dash and my car took a hard pull[…]

If I Don’t Believe in Works-Based Faith, Why Am I Still Trying to Prove My Worth?

There once was a little girl whose hazel eyes couldn’t hide her carefree spirit. She was shy, but she lived boldly, never worrying her little blonde head with the opinions of others. (Her parents would describe her as having quite[…]

Grown Ups vs. Groan Ups

I sat down to write, but the words just won’t come today… It’s like hair in a drain, there’s a clog in my brain, slowing and stopping the process of thoughts from the command center in my head to the[…]

I Will Never Be Enough.

I hate vulnerability. — Oh sure, I like the idea of being vulnerable; of being understood on a deep level and being given a window into the darkest corners of someone else’s heart. — But being vulnerable is messy. It’s[…]

I Believe in Women (but I’m not a feminist)

  I’m feeling a bit torn on this International Women’s Day. — So please forgive me if my thoughts are all mumble-jumbled…I’m trying to get them all out before I lose them!) — As someone who has never really known[…]

Just Be.

It was the perfect cold, clear Saturday to meet one of my best friends at a hipster little coffeehouse for some strong brew and rich conversation. — Jill and I have been friends since we were in first grade–we can talk (or[…]

Heart Holes

Do you ever just randomly “meet” someone on social media and instantly fall in love? — Yeah, me too. — To be perfectly honest, I don’t even remember stumbling across Hannah Brencher on Instagram–but at the time I was fairly certain[…]