Beauty Hack: How I Got My Hair to Grow Again

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet: if your hair isn’t growing or is thin and brittle, you need these two products in your life!

After a horrible, 13-year-bang phase (thanks, mom), I grew my hair out until it was the envy of almost every girl in my high school.

Sonya Schulz Photography


Thick, long, and healthy, I loved everything about my hair. But I didn’t love everything about my face.


The acne was real, people.

My mother was kind enough to take me to a dermatologist my freshman year of college, where I was prescribed an extremely strong, 7-month stint of medication.

Thankfully my face cleared of almost all acne and acne scars! But my hair paid the cost. What once was thick and healthy became thin and brittle, continually breaking off and falling out when I brushed it. It also was not as naturally straight as it had always been.



I was so thankful to have clearer skin, but I missed my hair and became very self-conscious when running into people who had seen it in its glory days.

I had never been very good about taking vitamins, but on one of my visits home, my mom handed me a bottle of gummy vitamins as I headed out the door.

I started taking two of these Nature’s Bounty Extra Strength Hair Skin Nails Gummies with my regular Women’s One Daily Multivitamin every single night before bed.

And, honestly, after about a week, I completely forgot about the real reason I was taking these vitamins. I just did it out of habit.

But, one day I noticed – and I was thrilled.

This past weekend, I had my mom (a former beautician) trim my hair, and I asked her to take this picture so I could see how long my hair has gotten recently.

(Please ignore the split ends….that’s why we were trimming it to begin with!)

I couldn’t believe how long it had gotten! If this picture doesn’t convince you that vitamins work wonders, try it for yourself!! I found both of these products at Walmart, but they’re also available on Amazon (and who doesn’t love the convenience of having it shipped to your door?!)

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!




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