Almostadverb. “Not quite; very nearly.”

How many things do we “almost” do? I almost woke up early today. I almost got 8 hours of sleep. I almost forgot my friend’s birthday. Almost got the job. Almost ate healthy. Almost made the winning goal. Almost, almost, almost.

But did you watch the video above?

Almost is an oxymoron–it contradicts itself while causing us to contradict what we know to be right.

see, ‘almost’ is no stranger to Satan. Here’s proof:
he only tells lies when they’re almost the truth
In Revelation 3:16, John write to the Church in Laodicea, giving them a strong warning against the “almost” lifestyle: “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Satan knows exactly how to twist our perceptions to think that we are either too caught in sin to be close to God, or too well off to need God. When this happens, we allow ourselves to become lukewarm–putting us in danger or being spit out.
See, an almost Christian looks right but lives wrong
Can’t stand the conviction in Romans so they sit down to be comforted in Psalms

Please tell me I’m not the only one convicted by this line. Now, don’t misinterpret this; the Psalms are a very important part of the Bible, and they do offer much comfort. However, Romans is very important as well, and Paul has a tendency to be very blunt in his writing–making it easy to ignore the truth found in his books and gravitate towards the comfort in the Psalms. Okay, so enjoying the book of Psalm doesn’t make you less of a Christian (in fact, I’m reading through it for my devotions right now), but lukewarm Christians do tend to enjoy comfort over conviction because they don’t want to be reminded of their shortcomings.

Never understood worship but loved to sing songs like I surrender all. . .MOST
Cuz it’s far too expensive to spend your life on something that doesn’t appeal to your five senses
I remember my high school youth pastor once talking about how we needed to be careful when we sang–God takes our worship seriously and so should we. The song says “I surrender all” period. Not “I surrender all…most everything, except maybe this and that.” If we don’t mean it, we shouldn’t say it. Yes, it’s difficult to trust God at times when we cannot physically see, feel, or hear Him. It takes all we have to trust what we can’t understand. But the reward is beyond worth it.


not righteous, but right-ish
So now all God sees is a pile of ISHmael’s when he intended for Isaac’s
Isaac was the son God promised to Abraham and Sarah–the son through whom he would multiply Abraham’s descendants. But Abraham and Sarah tried to do things their own way first (age doesn’t always equal wisdom). So Abraham slept with Sarah’s servant and Ishmael was born. God took care of Ishmael and his mother even though they were not a part of His original plan, but Isaac was the one who God intended to work through. When we are “almost” instead of “all in,” we are telling God that we can do things our own way–and things end badly, even though God still takes care of us.
So no wonder why we’re never sold out when we return it after we buy it
Let me break it down because you need to beware
that your life could lack the very standards that need to be there
Cuz on that final day of judgment while God’s receiving his heir
will he say, Son, well done or [spits] medium rare!

Conviction. We can’t “return” our faith when it gets uncomfortable for us. We need to live with intention. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to be like the Church in Laodicea. Let us strive to be as far from lukewarm as possible.

we have all worked in sin and death was minimum wage
but if it wasn’t for Christ we would have almost got paid
I love this ending. Ezekiel Azonwu clearly knows what it looks like to be lukewarm, but he also knows the price paid for our lives–a price that should be the encouragement for us to live on fire and wide open.
I was almost destined for hell. Almost doomed for eternity. Almost went through this life alone. But Christ didn’t almost do His job–He did it. Period. And because of that, I don’t have to worry about almost being good enough. My debt has been paid and I am free–not almost free, not basically free, 110% free.
Can I get an amen?

2 thoughts on “Almost.

  1. Amen. Funny that you posted this today because I’m reading through the Bible this year using a plan that allows me to read Old Testament and New Testament verses each day. This plan has paired the Psalms with Romans! I just read 3 Psalms and a chapter in Romans this morning. It’s an odd combination but it does convict me to quit living in “almost ” land.

  2. It’s very easy to slip into lukewarmness, I think. And it’s also easy to just seek comfort. Thanks for the reminder to stay convicted and for the encouragement.

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