Thee. Worst. I’ll take you on a bird walk from LA to Memphis and back again, hitting every major city along the way, just for the fun of it. I appreciate the beauty of details–how they embellish as they are woven into the fabric of the story–but the process of orally recounting a tale causes the details to tangle and snag in my mind. I have an innate need to physically see the words and letters in front of me, to write and rewrite, to hope, to dream, and to share in a tangible way.


I grew up on a farm outside a little Nebraska town, then proceeded to attend a tiny Christian university in the largest city in the state. Beyond following when Jesus beckoned me to “come,” I haven’t done anything grand with my life quite yet, but I have bigger dreams that anyone could ever imagine. I love to write, to create, to dream, and to travel. I’ve road tripped to both the East and West Coasts in the past two years and have been out of the country eight times, but sunsets on dirt roads are where my soul finds rest.


I can’t emphasize enough how much I love to travel. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone more than anything else and has forced me to grow in areas I didn’t realize could grow. I’ve met incredible people and seen unbelievable sights. However, lately God has been pressing into my heart the idea that going isn’t limited to leaving home, and the journey isn’t restricted to bold adventures in far away places. Bold adventures can be had in any place at anytime.

I’ve been dreaming of this blog for almost two years now, putting it off until “the time is right” and until “I have more resources/ideas/knowledge/time.” But enough is enough. This blog is for those like me–the dreamers and doers, the thinkers and creators, the ones who want to change the world. 

It’s go time.

This journey begins here.