9 Unique Wedding Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon

It’s that time of year: wedding season.

Some love it, some hate it, but either way, I can guarantee you know of at least one couple tying the knot in the next few months!

However, after accepting the inevitable, what should you get the happy couple?

Wedding registries are great (albeit, expensive at times), but the likelihood of buying the same gift as Aunt Mary did is surprisingly high.

As a bride-to-be, I’m not looking forward to how many duplicate items will need to be returned. And, as a creative person, I enjoy more thoughtful, creative gifts!

With that being said, check out the following items as you contemplate gifts for the couples in your life!

1. Wine

You can never go wrong with a bottle (or 6) of wine as a timeless and classy gift. Or, if you want to be unique (or collaborate with the friend who already bought the happy couple wine) opt, instead, for these cute and festive wine bottle labels, custom made for the first year of marriage!

Or these personalized labels,

Or this adorable stopper because, *moderation,* people!



2.Personalized wedding gifts

Personally, I find personalized wedding gifts to be very…personable. 😉 and there are so many creative options!

Wall art, cutting boards, keychains, pillows–the list goes on and on. Click on the pictures below to find the perfect one for your favorite couple!

 .     .    



3. Couples Coffee Mug Set

These are seriously *so* fun! Pretty coffee mugs from the registry are great and make young couples feel adult-y, but 5 years down the road, do you think the Mr. and Mrs. will want to drink their morning coffee out of the floral mugs or the FRIENDS mugs? Because I would pick the FRIENDS. (If you don’t get that reference, watch this. Now.)

Check these out!




4. Gift Card

This one isn’t quite as exciting or sentimental, but my fiancé would actually prefer this option! Choose a gift card to the couples’ favorite store, or even to Amazon so they can pick out what they want/need the most!


For the honeymoon and/or new adventures as a couple…

For their new home…


Even for groceries as they adjust to their new life!


5. Picture Frame

I personally love hanging up pictures in my home…but the cost of quality frames adds up fast if you’re buying more than one! Help the couple decorate their home by providing a few displays for their favorite wedding pictures 🙂

Click on the image to find more!

6. Pillows

I *love* decorative pillows. LOVE. THEM. But like the picture frames, they aren’t cheap for the newly married person! Pick out a few of your favorites to help the new couple give their home some character and comfort!


P.S. someone please buy us quality bed pillows (otherwise you may need to buy us a visit to the chiropractor in a few years).

7. Family Bible (Keepsake)

I love the idea of gifting the newlyweds with their own family heirloom, something that can be passed down to their children and grandchildren. Trust me, no one else will think to give this gift! Go a step further and get the front cover engraved with their last name and wedding date!

8. Movie Night Gift Basket

Get creative and compile a gift basket for a date night! Include this Marcus Theatres Gift Card for a night out, OR help them create a movie night at home. Include things like their favorite Movie Collection Popcorn, and this Stay at Home Snacks Candy Gift Pack! (or just buy them this off Amazon:)

9. Household Essentials

I actually found this idea on Facebook a while back as an idea for a housewarming gift! People love to give the pretty things, but once the party’s over, I tend to find that I have none of the essentials for actual living (i.e. batteries, tape, trashbags, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, nails, etc.) tie it all up in a pretty bow so they don’t have to worry about running to the store ten times as they adjust to life in their new home. You’ll be their favorite person!




9 unique wedding gifts you can buy on amazon

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