10 Bible Verses for When Life Leaves You Weary

If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling a little worn thin these days. Weariness can stem from any number of stressors–work, relationships, finances, illness, loss, uncertainty–but, ultimately, weariness leaves us experiencing pangs of worry, doubt, and exhaustion. And, frankly, weariness has a tendency to tug and pull us in all directions except towards God. Weariness whispers that we must help ourselves, that the God of the Universe would never have time to deal with our measly dilemmas.

But Weariness lies, and there is nothing our God desires more than to give us rest. In fact, He beckons us to come so that He can give us rest (bonus verse! Matthew 11:28).

Let us come.


Remember that our weakness magnifies God’s strength and power.


God’s peace is so much more effective than any “peace” we can find in this crazy world.


God doesn’t need us flailing around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to save ourselves. He wants to fight on our behalf.

Faith may be harder to keep during difficult times, but trials are when we must cling to our belief in our Savior all the more. Faith holds incredible power for those who “believe and don’t doubt.”



Personally, this is the most encouraging verse when I struggle. God is not some impersonal being sitting high in the clouds, removed from all we experience–He has been here. He knows exactly how we feel and process things. He is the ultimate empathizer. And, what’s more, He successfully dealt with trials of all kinds. Let us keep pressing forward!



He is our Fortress, our Protector, our Redeemer.



I tend to be worried sick in hope, impatient in affliction, and inconsistent in prayer. Yet this is not what we are commanded to do–and our faith gives us the power to be these things in these situations.



Oh, the comfort we are able to find under the refuge of His wing.

Our God is Healer. Awesome in power. Our God. 


And how beautiful it is that we are able to have God-given power, love, and self-discipline despite our troubles and wayward emotions. He is our Comfort. He is our Safe Haven.

He is Our God. 



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